Welcome to H25web
my digital online portfolio showcasing H25 Design work in architecture, interior and graphic design.

About Me

A designer who's on a continuous journey to learn, create and inspire.

What I Do

Communicate through digital art

Architecture & Interior Design
Planning Applications / Stage D Reports / Visualisations for Exterior and Interior use / Detail Construction Drawings / Feasibility Studies / Survey Drawings

Graphic Design
Branding / Logo Designs / Website Design / Album Covers / Brochure / Social Media Images

Digital Sketchbook
My creative playground of design concepts inspired by the things I love

recent work

Collection of my recent projects

What I

T-shirts / Buffalo Wings / Black & White Samurai Movies / Coney Island / Murakami / Graffiti / Comic Books / Netflix / Gaming / Vinyl Toys / Robots / Board Games / Black Market Records /  Camden Town / Tea & cake / Exhibitions

Merchandise coming soon on all things I love from above!